Made in the USA.  Always have been & always will be.

Polly Products is a Michigan manufacturer of commercial molded plastic outdoor furnishings and accessories. We craft park benches, picnic tables, trash/recycling receptacles, message boards/kiosks, planters, pet waste stations, and more from 100% recycled plastic.  Polly Products is known for producing smart outdoor furnishings that stand the test of time!

We are both an ethical and eco-friendly brand.  Located in a rural Michigan farming community, the Polly Product‘s team shares the humble values that built our great country. Hard work, honesty, and the desire to deliver quality products are the lifeblood of rural America.  We are proud to manufacture environmentally responsible outdoor furniture for commercial and residential markets with these values in mind.

Polly Products provides durable alternatives to other materials that deplete our environment of valuable natural resources and contribute to landfill waste.  We aren’t a store; we are a manufacturer with a mission. “Outdoor Furnishings That Stand The Test of Time” is our contribution toward saving our planet.  Use your ‘shoptivism’ to help us with that goal.

Polly Products stands for quality

We use only stainless-steel fasteners to ensure the maintenance-free longevity of our products, proven to outlast wood, concrete, and even plastic-coated metal furnishings! Our non-porous, recycled plastic products are naturally graffiti-resistant and are solid color throughout and UV protected.  They won’t rust, rot, peel, dent, split or spall in weather extremes. Your purchases can be personalized with custom engraving, plaques, and logos, all performed in-house, to maintain our high-quality standards.

Polly Products are incredibly durable, maintenance-free and backed by a 20-year commercial warranty.  We make the best outdoor furnishings, and you’ll enjoy them for decades, if not generations!



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