Mighty Good Coffee is a small batch roaster of exceptional coffees sourced through direct relationships with farms, mills and importers. We sell our coffee through partnerships with grocers, restaurants, cafes and online. We also own four of our own cafes in the Ann Arbor area.

Each cup of Mighty Good Coffee is prepared with care and deep respect for the entire coffee supply chain. We continually invest in the great relationships we have come to enjoy with a variety of farmers, mills, and importers, by visiting them, engaging with them at conferences, and sharing teaching and training experiences at SCAA, Barista Guild, and other professionally sponsored venues. Once the precious green bean cargo arrives at our roastery, we take our time to craft and refine a roasting profile unique to each coffee and blend, in order to bring you their very best flavor.

The Mighty Good staff will joyfully engage you in lively conversation regarding any aspect of coffee growing, harvesting, and production you are interested in – at whatever level of depth delights you. At each of our cafes, we are committed to providing a warm and accessible environment for your coffee enjoyment. At Mighty Good Coffee,

WE believe in the perfect marriage of craft and science as expressed in our roasting and drink making processes.

WE believe we can continually improve and enhance the quality of our roasting, brewing, and customer service.

WE believe in connecting with and supporting other local businesses to enhance our community.

WE believe great coffee can be served without pretense.

WE believe in empowering our employees’ professional and personal growth.

WE believe in connecting with people beyond a single transaction.

We hope you enjoy your coffee and your time with us. Let us know how best to serve you!



David Myers, Chief Coffee Officier


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