At Exelnt, we aim to take the frustration out of buying a swimsuit. We’ve been making custom swimwear for ALL WOMEN who are plus-size, full-figure and hard-to-fit for 34 years. Fitting women that have a hard time finding a flattering bathing suit that fits properly is what we do best! All of our custom swim suits can be ordered in every fabric color we offer. Look over the styles that are available, and if you are not sure what to order, contact Exelnt and we will be glad to help you decide what’s best for your body shape. Most of our swimwear can be ordered by the bra cup size. Some suits are designed for D and DD cups and others for F to KK cups. Standard cups will fit A, B, and C cups. Most standard cups will also have a hidden pocket in the bra lining so you can add a lift or shaper to enhance the bust size. We can custom make a swim suit and custom fit a bathing suit to meet your specific needs.



Trish Crowder, Owner


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