FLEX-GUARD® BRUSH SEALS, BRUSH TABLES, FLEXIBLE STRIP BRUSH are something very new in the very old art of BRUSH TECHNOLOGY Flex-Guard custom brush seals, brush tables, metal channel strip brushes, disk seals, ring seals, staple set brush tables, button brushes, cup brush seals and cylindrical coil brush seals reduce the movement of air, restrict smoke and fumes, screen out noise and static and dampen vibrations. Flex-guard custom brush seals and brush tables provide safety guards on all types of industrial machinery. Flex-Guard brush containment brush seals and brush tables are available in thousands of standard configurations to control: NOISE, CHIPS, LIGHT, DUST, VIBRATION, AIR, COOLANT MIST and TEMPERATURE. Flex-Guard now introduces MEMFLEX Flexible Strip Brush, a flexible, metal-free brush designed to reduce the cost of hardware associated with metal constructions. MEMFLEX Flexible Strip Brushes are flexible, light weight and resist chemicals providing greater options for designing to required applications. Flex-Guard’s disc seals, ring seals, staple set brush tables, cup brush seals, cylindrical coil brush seals and many more brush table and brush seal products, provide you with Real World Solutions to industrial manufacturing problems in all types of facilities and situations. Flex-guard brush mountings for brush seals come in four types – straight brush mountings, right-angled brush mountings, reverse-angled brush mountings and angled brush mountings. Many additional standard and special mounting designs are available to meet your specific needs. Aluminum is our standard material, but stainless steel mountings are available. Flex-Guard provides you with detailed DESIGN SHEETS specific to the brushes and brush seals you require.

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Evan Evans, Sales