Based in Milan, MI, JAYTEC is a specialty provider of engineered tube and roll form solutions. Operations such as engineered multi lengths, finished length cutting, CNC bending, press form, notching, end finishing, swaging, end forming, draw bench operations and induction heat treating are available to suit your needs.

At JAYTEC, we manufacture a variety of round, square, rectangular, and specialty tubing shapes for a variety of applications including the automotive and material handling industries, among others.

JAYTEC maintains a full quality lab utilizing Crush & Cone Tests, Metallurgical Etching, Tensile and Hardness Testing.

JAYTEC strives to meet and continually improve upon our customers’ expectations by delivering defect-free parts on time at a competitive price.

We offer complete engineering and design support and utilize state-of-the-art CAD applications: CATIA, IDEAS, NX, and AUTOCAD

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Michele Cousino, HR Manager