Supplier to the automotive industry since 1993; Manufacturer of catalytic converters, diesel after-treatment devices and exhaust modules and systems with state of the art processes, a global footprint, and excellence in quality and reliability levels.

Katcon is a level 3 supplier for the diesel and gasoline, light and heavy duty EMISSIONS applications, on and off road, engine and power industries, with capacity and capabilities to service customer projects from concept to production using modern analysis and design tools globally.

In 2015, Katcon launched its new business unit, Advanced Materials which will design and manufacture lightweight composite components in order to help OEMs decrease mass and lower fuel consumption.

Our manufacturing model is based on installing capacity modules, integrating Modular Manufacturing, Modular Capacity, Just In Time (Zero WIP), Total Quality Systems, Flexible Labour, Horizontal Organisational Structure and Outsourcing Systems, to service typical OEM assembly plants.

With a highly motivated team of professionals, ready to take on new challenges, in more than 15 countries globally, the final outcome is a customer-focussed, successful, profitable and synergetic company.



Ramon Martinez, Quality & Production Manager


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