Instaset Plastics is a family-owned company that specializes in plastic injection molding of automotive parts. The company has been around since 1942, when it produced military and automotive parts through thermoset molding process, getting the name Instaset. Over the years, Instaset transitioned into thermoplastics manufacturing and a tier 2 supplier servicing the automotive industry.

WGS became interested in our knowledge of thermoset molding, but moved forward with the acquisition because of Instaset’s stability as a business. We have an Altman Z score of 3.15, stayed in business throughout the recession in 2008, and have grown tremendously since transitioning into just in time manufacturing.

Our lean manufacturing method was our tool, but our team is what tightened this company down. Today, our management staff has over 150 years of combined experience in plastic molding. Some of us have been working together for the past 15 years and others up to 20. We are a small team, but we are effective, fast, and we deliver. Molding and assembly is what we do and always have done.

With 19 molding machines, we transitioned a $6 million operation into $18 million with the same number of machines. We did not need to add additional management to support opening a second plant either. We have been a solid operation and with the resources that WGS has to offer, we hope to continue to grow.

We are modernizing our operations, adding robotic automation and real-time updates of our manufacturing through PLEX. We’re currently TS 16949 certified in both plants.
With the additional resources of WGS, we want to continue to grow Instaset. We have extensive experience and knowledge in the industry. We make exterior and interior parts, both Class A and non-cosmetic. As things continue to expand and develop, we hope to return to our roots and add thermoset molded parts back into our repertoire.



Patrick Hunt, VP of Operations