About Us
InPro Enterprises, a Federal 501(c) (3) Public Charity, was launched in 2010 to help people with disabilities find employment and gain the skills needed to help them become competitively employed. We do this with caring, experienced professionals who work with each individual to identify their vocational capabilities, strengths, and occupational needs and goals. A critical component of the placement process is to obtain input from each person and their circle of support, so their job is matched to their particular skills and interests. Trained job coaches break all jobs into tasks so every individual has the opportunity to participate in the work process. On-site mentoring provides real time feedback to minimize barriers and improve work performance. And the variety of work available helps workers acquire new skills and increase the difficulty of job tasks over time.InPro Enterprises Logo

What We Do
From providing employment opportunities in our Industrial Operations Center (IOC) to a brand new, state of the art Greenhouse to art therapy programs, InPro provides a variety of employment opportunities for people with disabilities. More importantly, all of the work provided by InPro is linked to the community, whether we are providing business solutions for multinational corporations or exhibiting and selling our beautiful artwork in the local art galleries.

Our Industrial Operations Center focuses on completing assembly and manufacturing contracts for small and large corporations. The outside contracts give our employees an enormous opportunity to not only build their resumes but also connect to the business community around us.

Our Mission
At InPro, our mission is to provide independence and productivity for people with disabilities through inventive vocational rehabilitation programs. InPro will support individuals by providing them with a paid work training experience.

InPro Enterprises has provided a variety manufacturing jobs to the disabled population. These jobs consist of assembling, packaging, piece work, sorting, and product reprocessing. Previous partners include GM, Dodge, Goodwill, Hancock and others.

InPro Enterprises has contracts with the leading LED product provider, Lumecon LLC. InPro provides assembly of a LED wire harness and a ground wire harness that are used in the majority of Lumecon’s products.

Micro Enterprises
As part of our individualized approach, InPro Enterprises provides the opportunity for disabled employees to create their own products for sale. These products include various ceramic items, such as vases, holiday decorations, and other original art work. Other items for sale come from our Furniture Restoration Program. This program provides the opportunity for disabled employees to build skills by restoring old furniture and by creating original items for resale. These items include cutting boards, Lazy Susan’s and a variety for bird houses.



Amy Bidwell, Receptionist