Like the master painter that delicately places unique brush strokes onto a canvas, so too does Craig Mitchell Smith apply multi-colored hand cut glass shards to the bed of his kiln. Several firings later, a masterpiece with texture, shape and vibrant color emerges. Craig Mitchell Smith Glass exists to provide exquisitely crafted glass art to discriminating dealers and collectors. Craig’s art is made entirely in Michigan (with glass supplies purchased locally) in Craig’s 3,000 square foot production facility in Old Town, Lansing. Craig employs 4 on-site employees and works with several local metal artists as well.

Craig’s work is shown in public gardens (Norfolk VA, Minnesota, Disney’s Epcot Center, Michigan State University and many others) and can be found in many private gardens in Michigan and all over the United States. Craig designs and creates lighting and public area sculptures for restaurants, hotels and lobbies. His work graces the courtyards of local municipalities (Delhi Township and Delta Township and as far away as Lake City, South Carolina). Craig is a master gardener, former florist and interior designer – he brings all those skills to his unique kiln-formed art and designs. Craig is available anytime to discuss your specific project needs!



Craig Mitchell Smith, Artist

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