At Impact Label, we have been in the business of finding solutions to problems for over 50 years. We utilize digital, silk screen, flexographic, offset, and hot stamp printing processes to create a product that exceeds our customer’s expectations. Our varied product lines consist of vinyl, polyester, thermal and domed labels, graphic overlays, as well as metal and plastic name plates. Many of our labels can be manufactured to handle extreme outdoor conditions, extreme temperatures, or provide tamper resistance.

We take pride in finding ways to squeeze more out of our machinery in an effort maximize the efficiency of our processes. We enjoy having equipment manufacturers tell us that we cannot use their machines to create something, until we show them how in our shop. Our history of innovation compels us to say, “If it can’t be done, we can do it!”

We welcome the opportunity to work with you on all of your label needs, no matter what your application will be. Our diversified customer base has allowed us to work with labels and manufacturers in almost every industry. Some of our current customers include OEM companies in the automotive, medical, consumer electronics, wire and rope rigging, and thermo-molded plastic industries.

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Matt Berry, VP of Sales & Marketing


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