Your company logo should stand out as much as your company does. Your event t-shirts should be worn long after the day of as a point of pride. If you’re going to put your logo or your name on apparel, you want it to be nothing short of amazing. This is where Artbox comes in. A dedicated company with a proven history of producing memorable decorated apparel. Artbox wants to make your vision a reality, and then make it even better. Artbox is equipped with a world class artist and designer, experienced embroiderers, and talented screen printers complimented by modern technology and proven processes. We guarantee on-time delivery and perfection on each individual item, something most apparel decorating companies cannot promise. The entire staff is motivated to exceed expectations every step along the way, whether it be perfecting a design for your shirts or helping find sponsors for a charity event. We offer the quality and capabilities of a large company with the care and communication you can only get from a local business partner.



Joe Chase, Owner