The truth is, there are plenty of suppliers you can go to for industrial belting products, and many of them may have lower prices than Great Lakes Belting. But if you want more than just products – if you’re looking for a partner that can optimize the performance, productivity and profitability of your belting application—GLB is the best choice you can make.

That’s because we’re totally focused on meeting each customer’s unique needs. And that means providing a lot more than parts. We make it our job to ask the right questions, find the right answers, and develop the right solutions…long before we try to sell you anything. In fact, we’d rather pass up a sale than sell you something you don’t need. Or that won’t provide the best performance for your application.

You see, our goal is to build sustainable, long-term relationships by consistently delivering the highest possible value to our customers. In that way, we can both make the maximum contribution to each others’ continued success.



Kip Kerby, Executive Vice Presdient


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