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Kent City, Michigan


DAF Enterprise LLC is an engineering company that provides superior services in developing manufacturing processes for plastic molding and sub-assemblies.

With over 140 years of combined experience, the DAF team can look at a process and envision how material will flow in a mold and how the process should be automated after molding. The software used in developing product concepts is the best in the industry; but beyond that, DAF has the skilled staff to see beyond the CAD to optimize the design. This kind of knowledge provides DAF with a technological advantage over our competitors and minimizes your costs and timeframe in designing or building tooling.

Using your product designs, DAF Enterprise LLC can develop tooling, create a manufacturing process and build secondary equipment automation for a turn-key solution that can be set in place in your plant. DAF Enterprise LLC (DAF) operates a fully-functional molding division that includes injection, blow, vertical and lost core plastic products for a wide range of industries. The combination of engineering services and the molding division provides DAF with the skill sets to ensure that your product is created and implemented to meet any of your customer’s requirements. We are located in 35,000 square foot facility in Kent City, MI which houses the molding, tooling, and assembly operations.


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