For more than 35 years, Glycon Corp. has focused on helping our customers to become better, more efficient processors. Our current family of advanced technologies are all designed specifically to improve throughput, increase quality, reduce scrap and streamline processing. Whether your application is simple or complex, we can help improve your machine efficiency, part quality and reliability. Product & Process Development As processors gear up for production on a new project, Glycon’s dedicated Product Development Center has the resources to help optimize screw performance, testing several different designs and then zeroing in on the best melting and mixing combination. Or, if a molder is having a problem with splay or burning, or if an extruder is not getting proper mixing or sufficient throughput, technicians at the Center, can reproduce these problems under controlled conditions and quickly find ways to attack the problem through the application of the latest screw and processing technology. Rebuilding Services Glycon Corp. experts can help extend the life of costly meltstream components. Feed screws can be rebuilt to match original performance specifications. Barrels can be re-sleeved to original dimensions.

Other components, like our QSO non-return valve, can be rebuilt. All done quickly and with the highest standard of quality. Preventive Maintenance/Installation Glycon Corp. can assist with setup and maintenance of your feed screw and related meltstream components. Our 10-Step Field Service Program streamlines setup and checks that your feed screws are operating correctly. We can also design a maintenance program to reduce downtime and keep your systems operating as efficiently as the day they were installed. And we can train your maintenance personnel or implement the program ourselves. Contact Glycon at (800) 255-9969 for more information.



Cortney Griffith, Sales Administrator


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