Heavy Equipment Component Supplier in Utica, MI

At Avon Machining, we set the standard for design and production of precision parts for heavy machinery. We are proud to employ some of the most skilled machinists in the industry, and clients throughout North America and beyond have made us their preferred component supplier. In Utica, MI, we operate inside a state-of-the-art, 110,000-square-foot facility that utilizes the latest CNC equipment.

When it comes to producing custom gears, splines, axle shafts, and more, our capabilities far exceed that of other companies. Contact us if you are looking for high-performance components. We specialize in delivering superior parts to our clients in the construction, mining, trucking, agricultural, and oil industries.

Machine Components for Construction & Mining

Our cutting-edge equipment allows us to produce larger diameter parts for the construction and mining industries. We are capable of machining over 40” (1,000 mm) in diameter, including 5-axis machining of up to 61” (1,550mm) in diameter, and shaping of up to 36” (915mm) pitch diameter and 10” (250mm) face width, as well as hobbing, balancing, and grinding. Reach out to us for a quote on our components that are ideal for construction and mining machinery.

Precision Parts for Heavy Trucks

Our heavy equipment machining technology allows us to support our partners in the trucking industry with industry-leading parts. With our skilled workforce and CNC equipment, we transform raw materials into finished products quickly and efficiently. Make us your source for bearing races, stators, brake drums, speed sensors, rotors, and other parts.

A Reliable Agricultural Components Supplier

With our sophisticated equipment, we manufacture a variety of components for agricultural machinery. Talk to us about what kind of parts you need, and we will get started on producing top-quality pieces. We supply axle shafts, planetary gear sets, and water pumps to make agricultural equipment run properly and efficiently. We can make axle shafts up to 80 inches long and 18 inches in diameter, and planetary gears, sun gears, and ring gears down to 2 D.P. (12.7 mod).

Oil & Gas Machine Components

Avoid unnecessary rig downtime by ordering your oil and gas components from us. Our replacement parts are the reliable way for you to prevent high losses in production time. At our facility, we quickly produce cost-effective parts that keep your operation running smoothly. When your project calls for heavy equipment machining, remember: no one beats our commitment to quality and turnaround time.



Matthew Korth, President


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