Capital Asphalt Division is the newest addition to the Superior Asphalt, Inc. family. When we expanded into Lansing, we brought with us over thirty years of proven industry experience. The Lansing Asphalt Almix© manufacturing facility processed its first ton of asphalt in 2012. This state of the art facility is capable of producing over 400 tons of asphalt per hour and is highly efficient. Our lab is state certified and MDOT qualified. The Lansing Asphalt facility also has an onsite recycler that allows us to remain open 12 months out of the year and provide municipalities, utility companies, and facility directors the option of hot-mix asphalt for their winter maintenance and repairs.

Capital Asphalt offers its commercial, residential and municipal customers a full range of services: paving, asphalt patching and repair, sealcoating, striping, milling and recycling, drain repair, site preparation, utility cut repair and water main break repair. Manufacturing capabilities include: hot-mix asphalt, winter hot-mix asphalt and UPM cold patch material.



Stacie Newmann, PR Director


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