Argent International is a 3M Preferred Converter, specializing in designing, fabricating, and distributing a wide variety of custom adhesive and die-cut solutions — for over 40 years! Our commitment to manufacture products of the highest quality has been fundamental to our success. Argent is IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 certified.

Through a wide variety of converting technologies, we offer a great diversity of products ranging from simple die cut tapes, seals and gaskets, to fully-assembled sub-components. We utilize over 250 different raw materials used for attachment, buzz, squeak & rattle / NVH, EMI shielding, fastening, gasketing & sealing, labeling, thermal management and heat shielding, printing & identification, masking, safety, surface protection, wind noise and sound dampening, and much more!



James Beesley, Business Development


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