The Pulse of Manufacturing: Top Tech to Propel Business

By: Karen Witkowski


It’s an exciting time to be a Michigan manufacturer as groundbreaking technology continues to transform the manufacturing space. As manufacturers adopt this new technology, they’re quickly realizing the numerous advantages it can offer their business—driving down costs and improved efficiency are just the start. Here are three tech trends that can help your business thrive:


3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing)


New 3D printing materials are being introduced into manufacturing facilities across the globe. As the availability of materials grow—concrete, plastics and metal—and the accuracy and the cost of the machines improve, manufacturers are getting a clear view of how additive manufacturing will revolutionize the industry.


Predictive Analytics


The ability to extract meaningful insights from Big Data about processes, production and potential maintenance issues is giving manufacturers a competitive edge. While still in the early stages, predictive analytics will help cut downtown, increase production and boost profits.


Collaborative Robots


Robotics technology is booming. However, one type of technology is on target to make the biggest impact—collaborative robots. Why? Because they are relatively affordable, offer manufacturers the added benefit of an automated system and they can be easily programmed to tackle virtually any task without harming their human counterparts.


Elevate Your Technology Today!


By incorporating new technology, you’ll not only transform the look of your facility, you’ll increase the quality of your products, efficiency of your operations and drive profits.