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Vibracoustic is the global market leader in the field of automotive vibration control technology. We supply virtually every passenger vehicle manufacturer, commercial vehicle manufacturer, and tier 1 supplier in the world with components that clearly and noticeably boost the comfort on board. Our bearings, mounts, springs, isolators, and mass dampers reduce the noise and vibrations caused not only by powertrains, but also by adverse road conditions. The result? Drivers can get home feeling relaxed even after a long drive. We have a global R&D network that enables our engineers to develop unparalleled vibration damping technologies, and the new insights we gain every day into manufacturing and materials engineering are the key to our superior products. Here, we never focus on an individual component, but rather its effect on the vehicle as a whole. Our production network is as global as the automotive industry: with around 10,000 employees at 43 sites in 19 countries worldwide, you can rest assured knowing that an experienced member of our team is always close to you – so that more and more people can experience unrivaled levels of comfort on their way to their destination.

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