Since 1991, the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center has assisted Michigan’s small and medium-sized businesses to compete and grow. Today, we are celebrating a quarter century of building super highways of competitive success for our clients, where there were once only slow and lonely dirt roads. Now, we stand ready to face the future with bountiful optimism, focused purpose, strong determination, legions of support staff and inspired creativity.


Our Mission

The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center is an organization dedicated to supporting Michigan manufacturers to work smarter, to compete and to prosper.


Our Core Values
We are…


Our people come from decades of manufacturing.  Our case studies span industries, verticals, and size.  We are ready with a foundation of knowledge and know-how behind us.


We leave nothing unchecked.  We leave no stone unturned.  We leave nothing to chance.  Our people have one thing in common: they are obsessive on your behalf, finding every issue, every process improvement, and every penny to save.

Mission Oriented

We are champions of manufacturing and of Michigan.  We want to create and spread success and make our state second to none in manufacturing.


Our mission is to work on behalf of Michigan manufacturers.  Therefore, we work tirelessly to find the resources and the right solutions for every situation.  Every time.




Charlie Westra, Director, Manufacturing Services


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