Hillsdale, Michigan

Driving Supply Chain Success with Revolutionary Supply Chain Agility Develop your STREAMLINED supply chain vehicle

  • CONSOLIDATED SUPPLY BASE | Low Cost. Low Risk. Unprecedented Value. Simplicity. Transparency.
  • BEST IN CLASS DELIVERABLES | Cost. Quality. Delivery. Exceeding Expectations.
  • COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS | Innovative manufacturing. Revolutionary Supply Chain Management tools.
  • STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT | Global Footprint. Unwavering commitment to Strategic Initiatives.
  • SPEND LEVERAGE | Within and Between the Supply Chains Supported.
  • IMPROVED LEVEL OF ENGAGEMENT | Product Development. Prototype. Quote. Safe Launch. Production. Service.

The Cardinal Group provides its customers with a low cost, low risk, low investment solution to supply base consolidation with world class supply chain agility & performance management. For a location near you please call on Cardinal: Phone: 877.437.6001 Email: partner@thecardinalgroupindustries.com UNITED STATES • CHINA • HONG KONG

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