SurgiTel is a Division of General Scientific Corporation (GSC). General Scientific Corporation, an optical component and assembly manufacturer, was founded in 1932 and based in Illinois. General Scientific Corporation was purchased by Perfect Optics in 1989 and moved to our current location in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The combined company became a full service supplier of optical components and assemblies to various automotive, aerospace, production and medical companies. Perfect Optics came under new ownership in 1991 and was renamed General Scientific Corporation. Today, GSC continues to be a full service optical manufacturer offering customers quality products at competitive prices. We supply our customers with superior optics ranging from complex lens assemblies to electro-optical instruments to off-the-shelf optical components. Our customer base is still as diverse as we continue to service many different fields with our many years of optical experience. As a privately held and family-run business, we give as we see fit and are not hindered by the expectations of shareholders.



Otto Fazekas, Controller