Processing Manufacturers face many unique operational challenges. They must maintain excellent quality and documentation, while running a profitable and efficient business, all while managing a high number of customers and complex processes.

After visiting well over 50 processing facilities, the Steelhead team has repeatedly encountered these very fixable realities: Little/no production data to guide profit driven management, Time intensive charting and reporting, Poor real-time visibility into the plant, Use of paper documents with redundant data entry, Cumbersome software, and an inability for management to work remote.

Steelhead Technologies has developed an industry specific platform for building out a plant operating system that works for your plant, whether you run repeat work, walk in orders, or both. By operating your plant on the Steelhead platform, you will be able to:

  1. Improve profitability, by easily collecting, analyzing, and actioning production data
  2. Reduce cost, by automating manual administrative processes and plant/customer communication
  3. Improve quality, by automatically presenting rich task instruction to operators and collecting key production data
  4. Create Enterprise value, by having a business that runs on a modern, automated system
  5. Scale your business, by streamlining communication and operator training/management
  6. Achieve a better work life balance for management, with remote access to key plant information in real time, right from your phone!

From the initial demonstration to configuration and deployment, to production support, Steelhead Technologies is a true partner in laying a solid foundation for your business for years of success!



Aaron Halonen, President