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STEELHEAD is an Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Execution System leveraging artificial intelligence to improve the quality, production throughput, and traceability of manufacturing plants.

Provides Industry 4.0 Software Solution to high mix Manufacturers to achieve more Throughput, Improve Quality, and Reduce Paperwork.


A sequence of process steps is referred to as the work order “recipe”. Steelhead utilizes a recipe tree to streamline the creation of work orders from a purchase order. Recipe steps can be configured in a flexible interface that allows for collapsing any section of the recipe, giving you configurable granularity. Process specifications are set up and attached to each process step. When a specification is updated in Steelhead, its changes cascade down to update each recipe in which it is utilized. When the work order is created in Steelhead, it pulls in all associated work instructions for proper processing.


Steelhead runs a state-of-the-art algorithmic solver deploying artificial intelligence to determine the most efficient way for a manufacturing plant to process the work orders in its queue. The Steelhead system runs a concurrent simulation environment to optimize production scheduling, react to schedule disruptions, and provide an expected completion time for each work order. Steelhead improves on-time performance via top-down modeling of the workflow. The software leverages machine learning to become smarter over time by feeding back the true processing time for each process step, to better predict optimal processing schedules.


The Steelhead software is a centralized system, with a series of mobile tablets stationed throughout the factory floor. The tablets are featured at each workstation to instruct operators, collect key quality and process data, and to provide live visibility of the plant floor. Sequential and definitive just in time task instruction to operators avoids costly mistakes, improves First-Time-Through Quality, and records operator actions. With simple and easy task instruction, Steelhead reduces operator training costs. Root cause analysis is simplified with clear, historical digital documentation.

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Aaron Halonen, President