We are a 10 year old family-owned business we have over 150 different customers in various fields probably 50 to 75 active customers at any one time, floor scrubber parts, fork lift parts, aerator parts, parts for security industries, the military, both as a direct and as a sub contractor. we also do a lot of parts for other companies that build machines or equipment , we supply them with components to help them in the building of their equipment or machines parts for automation, also parts for the mining industries, oil industries, and electronics boxes, we have 6 cnc machining centers, and 5 cnc lathes, we work with mild steel , tool steels, alloy steels, stainless steel , copper, bronze, brass, plastics, alum, we have 20 plus employees, we run two shifts , second shift is 4 – 10 hr days, we continue to grow, bringing in 1 big bridge mill last yr and a 50 taper vf5 haas this year. We have a awesome crew to serve your needs.



Richard Starbuck