soulbrain MI, incorporated in the state of Michigan in 2010, is a full production facility manufacturing electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries. We are the North American Headquarters for lithium-ion electrolyte production and research and development for soulbrain.

For over 30 years, soulbrain, our parent company located in South Korea, has developed, manufactured, and supplied core materials to the high technology industry. Specifically, soulbrain has been producing cutting edge electrolyte for the advanced lithium-ion battery industry for over 15 years.

soulbrain introduced their advanced electrolyte technology and strong commitment to research and development to the United States through the subsidiary soulbrain MI. Working closely with advanced lithium-ion battery producers who are a major part of the next generation of transportation and energy storage is soulbrain MI’s focus. It is our goal to help create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

Every lithium-ion battery requires electrolyte. Lithium-ion batteries power consumer products, industrial products and advanced hybrid and electric vehicles. soulbrain MI PuriEL electrolyte can be optimized to improve energy density, cell performance and safety in areas such as internal pressure, overcharge, and life cycle.

The emerging and demanding advanced lithium-ion battery sector will require continuous improvement. We work with our customers and partners to develop a product that gives them a competitive advantage and enables them to succeed in this rapidly growing global market.



Jessica Seaman, Human Resource Manager