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At Skyway Precision Inc. we are committed to setting the standards of tomorrow in CNC World Class Machining. It is Skyway’s commitment to give its clients experienced machining and quality products that are delivered on time with an industry competitive cost. Our client base extends from world renowned automotive manufacturers to light and heavy duty diesel manufacturers. Small Components – Flywheels – Pulleys – Brackets / Supports – Thermostat Housings – Clutch Housings – Pressure Plates – Turbo Bearing Housings – Exhaust Manifolds – Turbo Compressor Housings Large Components – Oil Pans – Flywheel Housings – Turbo Adapters – Water inlets and outlets – Water Jacketed manifolds – Exhaust Manifolds – Brackets / Supports – Turbo Compressor Housings Materials – Grey Iron – Aluminum – Ductile Iron – High Silicon Moly – Ni- Resist

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Alondra Martinez
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