Founded in 1990, Saint Clair Systems is dedicated to the science of temperature control. We believe that collaboration with our customers is the key to enhancing their productivity and improving their bottom line. Our solutions are based on a simple premise. We seek to effectively duplicate the best time of year, best time of day and best conditions to run production, regardless of ambient temperature. We are the only company to successfully demonstrate the ability to both measure and control temperature at the point of dispense. Combined with the knowledge we have accrued over 20 years and 3,600 applications, our customers can be confident our team possesses the highest level of understanding about their process. They can also be confident our process-temperature control system will provide consistent viscosity at the point of application and consistent process values across production. At the end of that perfect day, the benefits realized by our customers include: – Reduced film build/color variations across the web/strip – Reduced film build/color variations between runs – Repeatable line setup parameters – Reduced coating material usage – Reduced solvent usage – Reduced scrap – Increased throughput – Reduced rework and labor



C. Robert Gladstone, President


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