Our Beginnings…

Bill Ramsey had always wanted to have his own machining shop. In the early 1980s he started his dream with a manual Bridgeport, Lathe and a welder. As time went on he acquired more machinery so he could take on more diverse work.

By the early 2000s RTD Manufacturing had moved into a 20,000 square foot shop in Grass Lake as they had outgrown the last two locations. Still not enough room, by 2004 it was time to move to the current location in Jackson Michigan. Sadly after achieving so much and building a strong manufacturing base Bill Ramsey passed away unexpectedly.

His vision and commitment still live on through his two sons who have taken RTD to the next level.


RTD Manufacturing, Inc. offers our customers a full range of manufacturing solutions. We utilize our state of the art equipment coupled with the industries best practices to provide superior quality products delivered on time. Our experienced machining staff, engineering staff and fabrication personnel stands ready to assist our customers with providing quality solutions to their manufacturing challenges.

At its inception RTD Manufacturing Inc. was nearly totally dependent on the Detroit Big Three automakers for its business. However around 2002 the company started to diversify its customer base. This was long before the process of diversification became a main thrust in the manufacturing business.

RTD’s diverse customer base comes from automotive, aerospace, medical, printing, pharmaceutical and food service sectors, as well as manufactures, rebuilders, fabricators and local, state and federal government.

F-14 fighter jets, Navy nuclear submarines, NASA satellites and hospital operating rooms are all equipped with components manufactured by RTD.

RTD has made latches to keep jail cells closed at the Michigan Correctional facilities, repaired pumps for local water utilities, made components for the railroad, kept automotive assembly line running and replace parts for printing presses.

RTD Manufacturing, Inc. and all of their employees are proud that the components we manufactured are serving America!

RTD Manufacturing, Inc. serves American Industry.



Bryant Ramsey, President


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