Reed City Group is a full scale plastic injection molding and mold manufacturing company with a range of capabilities, based in Reed City MI. Our capabilities also consist automation, driven by an experienced and storied team of engineers, best known in global industries for our turnkey garage door panel and steel roof shingle hydraulic press manufacturing. The fourth leg of our business is additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, where we use a variety of print methods and materials for prototyping, small batch production, engineering changes, assembly fixtures, and check fixtures. Reed City Group has the full capacity to manage the entirety of a project, from account management, prototyping, to design, to testing, to production, engineering changes, and more! Our 80,000 square foot facility includes 68,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Under this roof, our average of 100 employees includes a range of skilled journeyman moldmakers, skilled machinists, mechanical engineers, technical designers and sales engineers!

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