Energized Thinking.

At Piston Group we embrace every challenge as an opportunity to spark progress. We overcome obstacles and navigate uncharted paths with confidence and a shared vision of success. We harness the knowledge from our deep bench of solutions experts. It’s this kind of energized thinking that propels winning solutions for our customers. And when our customers win, we all score points to grow employment, invest in new technology, and contribute to our communities. So go ahead and challenge us. Ignite our passion to win.


Building Value

Piston Group wasn’t just founded to make things. It was founded with a vision to make things better. And that begins with building better teams solely dedicated to achieving excellence at every level of execution through a combination of experience, expertise, and a deep seeded passion for what we do. Our companies consistently set the standard because our people consistently raise the bar.

We create solutions and breakthroughs. But at the end of the day, what we really create is value. And that has become the purpose that our entire Piston Group family lives and breathes every day — to not just build, but to build value.

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Amr Hassouna, Quality Engineer