PCMI has over 25 Years Experience in the Casting/Engineering Business PCMI provides robust quality control; each process step is certified. You can sleep at night knowing your parts will be certified & delivered to your requirements. CUSTOMER VALIDATION At PCMI Manufacturing: We proudly serve over 20 satisfied OEM and tier-one customers. We are ISO/TS16949 certified. Our in-house quality lab consistently surpasses the competition. We offer a full range of casting simulation to 5-axis machining. Our ability to machine parts from billet material up to mid-volume production. Our talented in-house designers are adept at realizing your vision. We offer the capacity for multiple projects. COST SAVINGS at PCMI Manufacturing: Our team of industry experts bears a wealth of sourcing and production experience that saves our customers, on average, 20 to 30 percent per project without sacrificing an ounce of quality. Every step of the process is completed in-house. That means further cost-savings for our customers: no additional shipping charges, no third-party delays, and no defective casting charges. Our unique, ultra-efficient modular tooling system saves customers 32 percent on tooling costs. ENHANCED PROTOTYPES PCMI’s state-of-the-art prototypes are created by: Using our 5-axis CNCs to machine fully functional parts from billet metals. Our design engineers spend on average 3 – 4 days reviewing and analyzing material flow simulation work prior to running any project. Die casting complete prototypes within 5 weeks. A through quality assessment plan is developed prior to running any project that meets the customer standards. Every project goes through our metallurgy lab to ensure customer certifications are within specifications. CASTING PRODUCTION PCMI Manufacturing Offers: Efficient production of components and PPAP submission within 12 weeks of customer PO. A full EDI system for all customer releases. ISO/TS 16949 certification that ensures industry-leading quality assurance and waste reduction.



Bill Edney, President