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Nano Materials is an innovative manufacturer of detonation nanodiamond crystals. Crystals are available in five (5) grades of refinement (plus custom) which focus on their end use. NMPI also creates products that leverage the unusual strength, conductivity, surface tension, adsorption, or catalytic properties of nanodiamond crystals. A more recent discovery is the use of nanodiamond crystals to drastically reduce pollutants created by internal combustion engines (gasoline and diesel).

Nanodiamond crystals are frequently used to solve tribology problems, extending the life of friction pairs, stamps, dies, mandrills, 3D printer tips, and other tools by 40% or more.

Nanodiamond crystals are also used to increase the strength and durability of epoxies or carboplastics by 35%-45%. Our finished products currently include engine oil additive, nanodiamond enhanced lubricants and grease, fuel additive, electroplating solutions (nanodiamond + chrome or noble metal), nozzles and filaments for additive manufacturing (3D printing), and therapeutics that treat conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or other joint, back or neck pain, neuropathy, burns, bruises, exposure to noxious plants, scrapes, cuts, bruises, aging skin, atopic dermatitis (eczema), or allergic rhinitis. We also create custom solutions and perform contract product design and engineering, especially for 3D manufactured products.

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Marshall Weingarden, President