Midland Compounding and Consulting, Inc. is a privately held company, focused on providing value to plastics processors through the manufacture and sale of specialty thermoplastic compounds, product / material development services, and unique solutions to difficult recycling opportunities. We accomplish this by a combination of the following: First, manufacture and supply of post-industrial, recycled resins, and reprocessing services. Some of these materials include Acrylic, ABS, PC, PC/ABS blends, nylons (filled and unfilled), and polyolefin compounds that are sold to Injection Molders, Sheet Extruders and Plastic Distributors. Second, we provide contract manufacturing services. These services include: • Toll Compounding of additive, fillers or modifiers into prime polymers. • Blending large quantities of mixed materials into a uniform single blend. • Small lot production of specialty plastic compounds Third, we help businesses take early concept designs from prototype stage through to pilot scale production. Our materials formulation expertise, along with lab scale equipment, physical property testing capabilities, and professional “partnerships”, provide a fertile environment, ideally suited for developing new materials and products. We also participate in collaborative research projects with organizations like the Michigan Molecular Institute, and local universities to develop new materials.



Christopher M Surbrook, New Business Development