LSM Systems Engineering is a full service company for design, analysis, manufacture, build and testing of racing, prototype, and high performance street components.

  • Custom Crankshafts
  • Valve Springs
  • Cylinder Block Machining
  • Ceramic Liners
  • Lifter Bushings
  • Capabilities

At LSM we have what it takes to partner with you on your project. Here’s a short resume of our capabilities:

    • Inspection – We have fully certified inspection equipment including a multi-axis Romer Coordinate
      Measuring Machine (CMM) and an Adcole 911 cam measurement unit.
    • Engineering – All of our designs are generated with advanced 3D solid modeling.
    • Multi-Axis Machining – We have many 4 and 5-Axis CNC machining centers that allow us to machine

parts in fewer setups to ultimate precision that other shops simply couldn’t handle.

  • CNC Grinders – We grind our camshafts on high precision CNC cam grinders. This has many advantages over utilizing master based grinders. Camshaft profiles are not limited to a selection of off-the-shelf profiles. We can grind any profile that can be physically ground. Unlike master based grinders the profile will be correct regardless of base circle size. CNC grinding takes into account the roller size on your lifter. This would require different masters for each different roller size (and base circle size) if you utilize a master based grinder. With a CNC grinder there are no compromises.
  • Highest Quality – We utilize only the highest quality materials.
  • Fast Turn Around Time – Due to our responsiveness we can process smaller batch sizes and turn them
    around faster than any other camshaft manufacturer.
  • ISO-9000 Compliant – We’re compliant to the ISO-9000 quality standard. Each camshaft and block
    processed is serialized so that we can track material and processing.



Steve Lowe Jr., COO