K+S Services, Inc. is a global supplier specializing in the repair of industrial automation components such as servo drives and welders. Since 1982, K+S has been repairing automation for industries such as Tire and Rubber, Mining, Aerospace, Food & Beverage, White Goods, Petrochemical, Paper & Pulp, Steel, Printing, Plastics, Automotive and Tier 1 Automotive to name a few. We specialize in electronic components such as PLC’s, servo drive repair, robotics, servo motor repair, monitors, encoders, CNC systems, laser scanners, spindle repair, power supplies, operator panels, welder repair, weld controls and other electronic equipment. Our mechanical division specializes in the AC and DC servo motor repair, servo valves, actuators, hydraulic cylinders, motors, vacuum pump repair, spindle repair and precision rotating devices, ballscrews, and most motion, automation, and flight simulation equipment.

While our capabilities are quite broad, we have the in-house expertise as well as a factory trained technical staff to provide prompt, economical, quality repairs. All of our repairs, whether a servo drive repair or welder repair, are rigorously tested using custom designed closed-loop system test stands and the latest diagnostic technologies to verify performance and functionality. Each repair is covered by our 12-month In-Service warranty. We verify, calibrate, and fully test the work performed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Each item is sent back with a detailed repair report outlining what we found wrong with your component as well as the work performed and associated final testing. With 14 K+S Repair Operations ready to serve you world-wide, we are committed to demonstrating that K+S Services is the Leader in industrial electronic repair and Automation Repair Services.



Lauren Kirchner, International Marketing Manager


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