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Katech is a premier performance engine and vehicle builder serving the aftermarket, motorsports, and corporate markets for more than 40 years.

Our vision is to use what we’ve learned winning races at the most demanding venues worldwide – Indy, Le Mans, Daytona, Sebring, Dakar, and many more – to develop, build, and deliver the best engines and vehicle components and packages available anywhere.


Katech’s roots are set deeply in a legacy of success at many of the premier venues of motorsports. We became known for building engines for the famous GM Corvette Racing team that dominated the U.S. and global GT racing circuits for decades, and have never looked back.


Our racing heritage is a tremendous legacy for which we are extremely proud. But what’s most important is the insight and experience gained through these achievements that allow us to continuously perfect the products and services we provide.

  • Established 1977
  • Currently 30+ employees
  • Three facilities in Metropolitan Detroit
  • 36,000 sq.ft. of R&D/manufacturing capacity
  • Custom Design Engineering / Vehicle
  • Heavy Duty Diesel Rebuild for On-highway trucks
  • Coast Guard LT5 Air boat engines
  • Legacy of developing/building engines for the GM Corvette Racing Team that dominated the world
  • 30+ Manufacturer’s Championships
  • Deliver highly engineered engine and vehicle components, powerful/durable engines, and exceptional vehicle packages
  • LPG / Alternative fuel engines for international industrial applications
  • Bus Engines for Spain, EU
  • Essential business during COVID-19
  • Engines for transport of critical PPE across US
  • Adaptive capability to machine/manufacture medical devices/components
  • SnapXT Stand Alone Thermal Thermometer/Scanner – Manufacture/Reseller

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Lara Reyes
Director, Government Markets



(703) 403-8812