Plastic Resins
JSP serves clients with our global supply and support presence.

The products span; materials, sheets and boards, based on a range of polymers.

Our products have brought benefit and value to many aspects of our daily lives. Our constant focus is on the safety of our products, reduction of energy consumption and wasted materials, and overall continual reduction in environmental impact.

JSP continues to develop new applications. The company has research and development and manufacturing facilities in the major industrial centers of Americas, Europe and Asia. Our goal is to delight customers with innovative products and technologies and to establish continuously higher benchmarks of customer service.

Our past has demonstrated that we can utilize our technological strengths and client focus to compete in any market and in any business environment.

JSP is a truly global business, serving the automotive, construction, civil engineering and packaging markets with a range of expanded polymers. Our products deliver distinctive value, as well as being both efficient and effective. We help our customers increase their profitability through the innovative use of our products. We aim to search deeper and reach higher to serve clients.



Damion Gunn, Operations Supervisor