TRASH-EASE: the Portable, Reusable, Adjustable, Take-Everywhere trash bag holder!

The Trash-Ease is the most convenient and practical way to have a trash bag handy indoors and outdoors.

Hang a Trash-Ease on bleachers, picnic tables, kitchen counters, craft tables, decks, campers; you can use it anywhere you need to collect trash! Trash-Ease keeps trash off the ground and won’t tip over or blow away. This makes it a camper’s best friend!

Hang a Trash-Ease indoors from kitchen counter overhangs, tables, work benches, and crafting areas for easy clean up and eliminate the need for bulky, dirty garbage cans all over the place!

  • Trash-Ease uses standard 13 gallon draw-string trash bags.
  • Trash-Ease is powder coated to prevent rust and the ends are rubber coated to protect surfaces from scratching.
  • Trash-Ease’ slim, one piece construction allows it to be stored easily away or hung without fear of losing pieces. No tools needed, ever!
  • Trash-Ease is 100% made in the USA.



John Cundy, Owner


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