WHAT DO YOU NEED? SPECIALIZED SOLUTIONS FOR ELASTOMER MOLDING DESIGNS That question could seem forward, but we mean what we are asking- What do you need? Jackson Flexible Products exists to fill the gap in manufacturing rubber products- no quantity is too small and no project is too big. Our elite manufacturing processes allow us to offer specialized elastomer molding that otherwise is not available. OUR HISTORY – Since 1969… At Jackson Flexible, we create a wide variety of quality rubber products to fit the various needs of our clients from a number of industries. We visually and dimensionally inspect each of our products in order to find and eliminate defects, ensuring you the highest quality and efficiency. OUR LEADERSHIP Our dedicated staff range from new hires to 40 years of service at JFP. We were founded in 1969 by Ronald Jakubas, after being in the aerospace industry for many years he realized they couldn’t buy the parts that were needed so he chose to start JFP.

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Troy Dickerson, President