Almont, Michigan


Interpower Induction USA

Interpower Induction is one of the fastest growing companies in the induction heating industry. Headquartered in Almont, MI, Inter-Power has averaged triple-digit growth since the company was founded in 1995. Today, Inter-Power serves hundreds of customers throughout the World. Interpower Induction supports the total needs of companies involved in induction heating. It designs and builds fully-integrated induction heating systems, power supplies, auxiliary parts handling equipment, induction heating coils, and computerized systems that allow the quality of part to be monitored as they are heated. As a mid-size, privately owned company, Interpower Induction is able to offer custom-engineered products and personalized service no longer available from suppliers that have been merged into huge corporations. Inter-Power induction heating systems are manufactured to user requirements to ensure maximum performance and cost efficiency. Before you invest in new induction heating eq uipment, talk to Interpower Induction. Learn first hand why we are the fastest growing company in the induction heating industry.

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