iDEAL Technology Corporation strives to offer innovative tooling solutions to conventional methods. By utilizing multi-axis machining we are able to provide custom CNC parts out of multiple grades of aluminum, steel, bronze, brass, different grades of raw material, epoxy, urethane, foam boards of varying densities finished to our customer’s specifications. iDEAL also provides automated cells for assembly equipment which can be manual or integrated into electronic controls to provide automated workstations for quality assurance. Our newest SLA printer is growing iDEAL’s rapid prototyping business. Build platforms limit the part size, but iDEAL’s proprietary bonding process allows for parts of any size to come to life. iDEAL can grow or build your details quickly and affordably. SLA parts can be realistically fabricated into check fixtures and assembly equipment with a variety of materials to achieve our customer’s final part. For endless possibilities visit



Dawn Krystek, Marketing