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Hydraulically Operated Arbors, Chucks, Gages, Work Holding Fixtures & Tool Holders Hydra-Lock Corporation is a pioneer of hydraulic tool holding and part holding technology. As the originator of hydraulically expanding arbors and chucks, we are the only manufacturer producing all three classes of precision work-holding devices utilizing this sophisticated technology. Hydra-Lock brings reliable, accurate and repeatable work-holding results to the aerospace and defense, medical, vehicle and gear industries – and we’ve done so since 1947. With over 80 patents globally, we remain committed to providing innovative work-holding solutions to today’s dynamic marketplace, whether standard or custom parts are in order. Founded just north of Detroit, Michigan, Hydra-Lock products are not only made in the USA, they are completely repairable and recyclable. We are also equipped to repair “Non-Hydra-Lock” arbors and chucks. We invite you to discover how Hydra-Lock helps our customers build higher-quality parts in less time, and with more savings.


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