Hudson, Michigan


Precision Welding & Fabricating Hornet Manufacturing proudly serves some of the best manufacturing companies. We do this by meeting their quality and delivery needs. Consider Hornet Manufacturing a partner in the design and build of your products. Why choose Hornet Manufacturing? In a word – Innovation. We meet today’s demands for quality, performance and affordable prices using our extensive experience and knowledge to tackle the toughest challenges. We manufacture top ASME and Automotive standards and consider ourselves experts in welding. Hornet Manufacturing Inc.’s Headquarters Hornet Manufacturing was established in 2006 and is located in Hudson, Michigan. Hornet is an ASME Code Shop with H, U, HLW, R, M, S and NB certificates. Hornets core business is the production welding of fabricated metal products. Products include automotive weldments, heat exchangers, complete boilers and parts, and tubesheets. Primary welding processes include resistance, projection, GTAW, GMAW, and Robotic MIG. Other processes include plasma cutting, CNC milling, waterjet cutting, plate beveling and rolling. Our 48,000 square foot facility is divided into two sections to support both our carbon steel and stainless steel products.

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Christina Schalosky
Vice President

(517) 448-8203