We partner with your current vendors, along with other local and national agencies to provide you top quality service. We act as an intermediary, fielding all sales calls, communicating with the staffing companies regarding their invoices, and delivering to you a single invoice for your labor force. You simply place your job order with us and, using your vendors or a team of vendors, we fill your order.

Working with us, you are working with dozens of agencies. You set your rate and we find how many agencies are willing to work with you on your terms without having to engage in tedious negotiation. In the alternative, you can allow us to find the lowest bidder. For temp services, we increase your labor pool and your labor flow.

We also work with head hunters/recruiting agencies. Imagine having multiple agencies competing to provide you with the ideal candidate. Your position is no longer at the bottom of a pile of orders. It takes priority.



Jay Michael, President