Westland, Michigan

Driven by experience and expertise, GT Technologies is a global leader in design, development and supply of performance-critical valvetrain components for a full range of gas and diesel engines. GT Technologies is committed to providing our customers with superb quality, first-class customer service and leading edge technology.

Our primary markets include valvetrain systems and components for gasoline, flex fuel and diesel internal combustion engines servicing the transportation industry, power generation, motorsports and recreational.

GT Technologies designs, develops & manufactures a complete line of valvetrain systems and components for a wide variety of customers and applications. Each of these products is designed specifically to suit our customer’s unique application and functional requirements.

In today’s high tech environment of variable valve actuation, GT Technologies holds a significant industry position in the number patent awards and provides leading edge valvetrain systems and components developed specifically to suit our customer’s applications.

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Larry Hirschfield
Sr. VP of Operations



(734) 467-8371 EXT 239