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Kalamazoo, MI


Founded in 2016, GREEN LINK Engineering was established to discover innovative solutions to higher performance, more sustainable construction. Our company is young, but it is rooted in nearly 50 years of experience pioneering a range of successful products, several of which have become standards in the construction industry. Our focus is designing and producing innovative polymeric architectural products which include: KnuckleHead rooftop support systems that contribute to longer lasting roofs and more efficient and sustainable construction. HEPA filter gaskets to improve the performance and economics of controlled environments. ChemSeals which prevent clean room contamination resulting from mechanical penetrations. We are a creative, agile group open to new ideas that will result in stronger, longer-lasting, more energy efficient structures. We seek dialogue with contractors, architects, materials engineers, product designers and project managers that can lead to new approaches for meeting the challenges of the 21st century.



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