Wixom, Michigan


General Mill Supply Co.

General mill has a long history of treating their suppliers and customers fairly.

General Mill Supply has been in recycling since the brink of the industry. Over the last 96 years, we have a earned a strong track record of honest, reliable work. We understand the challenges and costs associated with scrap material generation; at GMS, we strive to reduce your landfill footprint and overall impact on your bottom line.

The company, which handles over 140,000 tons of material annually, has expanded its market presence from east of the Mississippi river to the northern regions of Canada. A Fleet of over 70 trailers offer the option of convenient loading at the client site.

The relationships that General Mill Supply has built over the years with our clients provides us with solid and reliable sources for all types of paper, plastic and metal recycling. In turn, customers get exactly what they need. We have a comprehensive method to evaluate your needs and target our services to where they are most effective.

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