Future Technologies, Inc. is located in Bay City, MI and services global leak testing, welding and assembly, functional testing, and calibrated standard leak markets. Major markets include the automotive, air conditioning, and refrigeration industries. The FTI facility encompasses approximately 26,000 sq. ft., employing 30 employees and utilizing a network of representatives. Annual sales volume is forecast to exceed $7,000,000 for the upcoming year, servicing over seventy five (75) well-known major firms in the automotive, air conditioning and appliance industries. FTI offers strong technological capability and training, and superior customer support. Our mission To maintain and strengthen our position as a dependable provider of innovative production leak testing equipment systems, welding and assembly automation, function testing equipment, and calibrated standard leaks; delivering superior quality and customer satisfaction in our product, service, and support. Our Philosophy FTI prides itself on maintaining the leading edge in technology, and providing the highest value to its customers. FTI provides state-of-the-art technology at an affordable cost to our customers. Original equipment is built with the latest, highest quality components available at the time of manufacture, and allows our customer to use local suppliers for replacement parts, saving time and money. FTI does not build equipment with FTI proprietary components, therefore we do not force our customers to come back to FTI for replacement parts. Customers are free to purchase parts from any supplier that meets the goal of keeping the system up and running. FTI strives for simplicity of design, maximizing safety, maintainability, and ease of operation. Quick change tooling is utilized where appropriate, and equipment is designed and built to our customer’s specifications. Customer satisfaction is Future Technologies’ number one priority.



Michael Roe, Sales & Project Engineer