Fraser, Michigan

Four-Slide Technology, Inc. is a producer of clips, clamps, brackets, wire forms, stampings, assemblies and other assorted fasteners and bracketry. We are a full-service organization located in the metro Detroit area providing the most recent technology in production and tooling in order to meet the increasing needs of our customers.

At Four-Slide Technology, we offer secondary operations in order to meet your entire product needs and as a secondary service to our customers. We are able to do the additional forming where automatic forming is not possible and have the flexibility to produce those parts not suitable for automatic fabricating.

In addition to our Four-Slide capabilities, our secondary operations include:
Various presses up to 80 Tons for forming, staking, punching, etc.
Single and multiple head production resistance welders
Assembly machines and fixtures for tapping, trimming, forming, etc.
Automated and manual parts assembly with current volumes in the millions annually.
Customer specific packaging, kitting, and sequencing.
We are constantly increasing the services we offer at Four-Slide Technology. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions you may have.