Falcon Lakeside Manufacturing, Inc. is one of the leaders in the high integrity casting market, delivering high quality products and services that utilize state-of-the-art and internally-developed technologies. Professional management of our people, equipment, suppliers, and technology strengthen and progress our reputation as a reliable leader of engineering services and manufactured components. This environment fosters a safe, rewarding, and motivating atmosphere for our employees, while improving our business and public communities.

Falcon Lakeside Manufacturing, Inc. provides design, development, and manufacturing services that include high-pressure vacuum die casting, high-pressure squeeze casting, CNC machining, and other finishing operations. These activities will be executed in accordance of TS-16949 procedures and ISO 2001 Standards. Full quality services including metrology, metallurgical and structural testing services will be provided as a normal course of business.

Our team can provide turnkey solutions to your engineering problems on either your factory floor or on our manufacturing site to better suit your needs. Falcon Lakeside Manufacturing can provide your team assistance in the fields of product design, manufacturing simulation, die design services, manufacturing services, quality services, and new technology integration. For more information on these specific services, progress to those sections of the website using the navigation bar.

The Falcon Lakeside Manufacturing family–now 28-members strong–relies on extensive hands-on and theoretical experience in the fields of casting, machining, and design to manufacture complex products with precise mechanical, metallurgical, or manufacturing requirements. The wide breadth of knowledge that our team has accumulated is the outcome of the tactical consolidation of two former companies–Falcon Strategies and Lakeside Manufacturing. Since the two companies combined into one entity, the new company has expanded to two facilities, gained new employees, acquired new customers, and significantly exceeded previous sales. Due to the exhaustive work of the company’s leadership and engineering teams, Falcon Lakeside Manufacturing has become a preferred supplier to Tier 1 & 2 companies, establishing a proven history of dependability in both service and quality.



Frank Sant, President